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Adopted 11-21-2002
Revised 9-18-2008

Article I: Name

Section 1:


This organization shall be known as "The Joint Council of Utah Fire Service Organizations," (hereinafter referred to as "Council"). This Council is a coalition of organizations, associations and districts as listed in Article IV, Section 2.


Article II: State of Purpose

Section 1:


The Council shall be an instrument through which the member organizations collectively focus the power to effectively monitor, educate, and foster legislation at the state and national level.


Article III: Objectives

Section 1:


The objectives of the Council and Council Board shall be as follows:

A. To coordinate all firefighters in the state to accomplish common goals of statewide concern.

B. To promote and develop cooperation between the various fire service organizations and associations in the state of Utah.

C. To identify and coordinate issues of statewide concern, legislative or otherwise.

D. To monitor and develop legislation that is effective and just.

E. To coordinate and communicate with various state and federal agencies affecting fire or EMS programs.


Article IV: Membership

Section 1: Membership


Council membership shall be limited to firefighters, fire departments and fire service organizations. The Council Board will determine eligibility for membership to the Council.


Section 2: Council Board

Each Council Board seat shall be entitled to one (1) vote. The Council Board shall consist of up to 17 members as follows:

A. One (1) member from each of the six districts within the state and shall represent the firefighters within that district. Districts are divided statewide, as per the attached map.

B. One (1) member from the Utah State Fire Chiefs' Association.

C. One (1) member from the Utah State Firemen's Association.

D. One (1) member from the Utah State Training Officers Association.

E. One (1) member from the Professional Firefighters of Utah.

F. One (1) member from the Fire Marshal's Association of Utah.

G. One (1) member from the Utah Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators.

H. One (1) member from the Salt Lake Retired Firefighters Association.

I. Chair of the Joint Council who is elected from the members at-large.

J. Vice-Chair of the Joint Council who is elected from the members at-large.

K. Secretary-Treasurer of the Joint Council who is elected from the members at-large.

L. Past-Chair who is not elected but who attains this position by being replaced by the Chair of the Joint Council.

M. Any Board seat that is not attended by a recognized Board member or alternate for three (3) consecutive Board meetings shall be considered delinquent. In that case, that seat shall forfeit its voting privileges until reinstated by a simple majority vote of the Board members present. Attendance at meetings will be allowed by physical presence or prearranged telecommunications. 


Section 3: Ex-officio Members

The Utah State Fire Marshal, the Director of Utah Fire and Rescue Academy and the Director of the Bureau of EMS are ex-officio members.


Section 4: Dues

Annual dues and assessments for membership shall be set by Council Board members and assessed to each fire department and firefighter's association.



Article V: Board Members


Section 1: Business and Affairs of Council


A. The business and affairs of the Council shall be managed and controlled by a Board, as defined in ARTICLE IV, Section 2, of these By-laws.

B. Respective organizations, associations or districts who change their elected or appointed Board member shall notify the Board Chair/Vice-chair whenever such action occurs.


Section 2: Selection and Responsibilities of Board Members


A. Board members and district representatives shall be selected by the representative organizations and associations named herein above, either by election or appointment.

B. Board members may designate an alternate to attend the Council meetings and to vote in their behalf. Board members shall notify the Chair/Vice-chair of the name and affiliations of said alternate.

C. Each Board member is responsible for informing their respective parent group of the business of the Council Board. They will attend Board meetings, contact legislators and perform other duties as assigned by the Board.


Section 3: Meetings


A. Board members shall designate meeting dates and locations to be listed in the minutes of the previous meetings.

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B. All Board meetings shall be open meetings, unless declared by the Chair or a vote of the Board to be an executive session.

C. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER, unless amended by these By-laws.


Section 4: Quorum


A. Eight (8) members of the Board or their alternate shall constitute a quorum.

B. A quorum shall be necessary to conduct the business of the Council Board.

C. Board members shall notify the Chair or Secretary, prior to the meeting, if they or their alternate cannot attend.

D. When any Board seat is in a delinquent status, as per ARTICLE IV, Section 2, the number of Board members needed to constitute a quorum shall be reduced by one (1) member. However, no business shall be conducted without a minimum of seven (7) members present.

E. Alternate Board members may be appointed by the Chair, with the approval of voting Board members present, to meet a minimum of seven (7) members. The temporary appointment will cease with the attendance of a Board member or at the conclusion of that meeting.


Section 5: Council Positions


Decisions made by the Council will be through a consensus process.


Article VI: Officers


Section 1:

The officers of the Council Board shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by the Board members biennially (every two years) in even numbered years at a duly constituted meeting after the legislative session. All vacancies occurring among any of the above officers shall be filled by the Board members at the next Board meeting. Any officer may be removed at any time by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board members at the next Board meeting, following notification of the affected Board member.


Section 2: The Chair

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Council Board and assume general management and control of the business and affairs of the Council.


Section 3: The Vice-Chair

The Vice-Chair shall, in the absence or disability of the Chair, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Chair. He shall also generally assist the Chair and exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by the Council Board.


Section 4: The Secretary/Treasurer

A. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the minutes of all proceedings of the Council Board. He/she shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices to the Council Board or other notices required by law or by these By-laws. He/she shall direct, and he/she shall perform all other duties, incidental to the office of Secretary/Treasurer.

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B. The Secretary/Treasurer shall, in the absence or disability of the Vice-Chair, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the Vice-Chair.

Section 5: Salaries

No Board member or district representative shall receive compensation from the organization.


Article VII: Fiscal Year

Section 1:

The fiscal year of the Council shall begin July 1st and end on June 30th.


Article VIII. Checks, Notes, etc.


Section 1: Checks, Notes, Etc.

Checks and notes of the Council shall be signed and checks, notes, drafts, bills of exchange and orders for payment of money shall be endorsed for collection or deposit in such a manner as shall be determined by the Council Board.


Section 2: Depositories

The funds of the Council shall be deposited in a recognized financial institution, and checks drawn against such funds shall be signed in such a manner as may be determined, from time to time, by the Council Board.

Section 3: Audit

Annual fiscal audit shall be performed by July 1, conducted by a committee appointed by the Chair and Treasure.  Committee members shall not be a signer of the financial accounts.  The audit report shall be presented the first meeting following the audit.


Article IX: Notice and Waiver of Notice


Section 1:


Any notice required to be given by these By-laws may be given by mail, e-mail or telephone. Any notice required to be given by these By-laws may be waived by the person entitled to such notice.

Article X: Amendments


Section 2: Power to Amend

The Board members shall have the power to make, amend and repeal any and all sections of these By-laws of the Council by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all Council Board members present at a duly constituted meeting. The proposed change or changes shall be presented to the Board and considered at the meeting and acted upon at the next Board meeting, following the presentation meeting.


Article XI: Dissolution Clause


Section 1: Dissolution Clause

In the event this Joint Council and Council Board are dissolved, all property and finances shall be transferred to another non-profit fire organization within the state of Utah. The Board will determine eligibility for membership to the Council.

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